First blog post


Welcome to just a thought,I’m not really sure what this is going to be yet,just prepare yourself for a lot of random crap,opinions on songs and movies, I guess I’m going to be doing exactly what it says on the tin,and mainly write just a thought that comes to my head.Ofcourse I don’t expect anyone to read this other then my best friend so hi jackie!I just like having my own corner on here with my own opinions and thoughts.


Soul crushing crushes

Ah yes,We’ve all been there, that one crush you can’t seem to shake. I’ve had many a crush,the ones on that perfect stranger on the train,the one on barista at the local coffee shop who remembered I like extra cinnamon on my hot chocolate and of course the one on the guy  who will forever be in my heart, Mr Gosling…However I think we all at one point in our lives have experienced that one crush,the one person who no matter had you try to move on from, you just can’t seem to get them off your mind. They’re always at the back of your mind,you cant help but make up ridiculously unrealistic scenarios in your head about them. Your poor friends have to suffer with you of course, as it’s the only thing you can seem to talk about. whenever you see this person that you have made a god of in your head, your heart races,your stomach does that weird thing and of course you make a complete idiot of yourself…. It’s quite inconvenient really, this person holds so much power over you and they probably don’t even know it too. Having a crush is completely miserable and yet, if you didn’t have that crush,life would be such a boor.